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Elite Basset University

One of the unique things about our kennel that sets us apart from other kennels is that we offer several levels of training for our clients. We have designed this page to go over our training goals which are part of several price packages for our clients. We have professional trainers that can set an excellent foundation for our puppies and get them going in the right direction before they get to your home. All puppies will come with a certificate which means they should have a good understanding of what they have been taught throughout several weeks and hundreds of hours.This a great way to get the free puppy you select started in the right direction.

House Training

  • Crate Training Goals

    We get the puppy used to sleeping in a kennel and sleeping alone.

  • Potty Training Goals

    We teach puppies to use puppy training pads, puppy training grass or to go outside which helps reduce accidents inside the home.

Obedience Training

  • “Place“Goals

    to go to their dog cot and stay there for 20 seconds when commanded to “place”. Remain there until released

  • “Off“Goals

    to understand that “off” means to jump down

  • “Down/Sit“Goals

    to hold a down position for a period of time

  • “Come“Goals

    to respond to a “come” command with a regular voice

  • ``Stay`` Goals

    to go into a “sit” with a verbal command only and also a verbal/hand command

  • ``Sit`` Goals

    to go into a “sit” with a verbal command only and also a verbal/hand command

  • “Sit/Stay“ Goal

    to hold a sit position for a period of time

  • ``Leash” Goals

    We teach them not to pull and to walk beside owners.

Socialization Training

  • Vet Trained Goals

    They will be taken to the vet and introduced multiple times.

  • Noise Trained Goals

    We start early introducing puppies to loud sounds such as music and tv and load voices constantly and use to hearing the vacuum cleaner and more.

  • Grooming Trained Goals

    To be use to getting a bath without great complaint. They still be more use to the hair dryer and are not afraid of it.

  • Car Trained Goals

    To have them not get car sick and feel more comfortable riding.

  • Stranger Trained Goals

    We get puppies to meeting new people outside of normal day to day.

  • Thunderstorm Trained Goals

    We expose puppies to the sound of rain and thunderstorms to help them not become startled or afraid later in life.

  • “No bit/No Chew Goal

    We start training to discourage chewing and biting.

  • “No bit/No Chew Goal

    We start training to discourage chewing and biting.

*Disclaimer: Puppies, like people, are not robots and do not graduate our training programs all at the same level. Some pups will have harder times in certain areas, and it is impossible to guarantee perfect training with every puppy fully. The continuance of the commands has as much to do with the new family as our training, so it is essential for you to be prepared to keep the protocols given. J.E.Kennels, LLC do guarantee that they will have worked hundreds of logged hours with each puppy and will do everything possible to prepare your home for your new puppy. J.E.Kennels, LLC will provide training instructions and a lifetime of support so you can continue training and socializing your pup.